WHEELCHAIR SERVICE TRAINING PACKAGE Participant's Workbook (Intermediate level)

Following the release of the Wheelchair Service Training Package – Basic level (WSTP-B), WHO in partnership with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has developed the Wheelchair Service Training Package – Intermediate Level (WSTP-I). WSTP-I is the second part of the WHO wheelchair service training package series and focusses more on addressing the needs of people who have severe difficulties in walking and moving around and also having poor postural control . While developing this training package, special attention was given on the provision of appropriate wheelchairs for children who have poor postural control and are unable to sit upright independently. Purpose of the training The need for wheelchair personnel is universal. WSTP-I is designed to support the training of personnel or volunteers to provide an appropriate manual wheelchair and cushion for children and adults who need additional postural support to sit upright. The main purpose of this training package is to: increase the number of wheelchair users who receive a wheelchair which meets their needs; increase the number of personnel trained in intermediate level wheelchair service delivery; improve the competencies of wheelchair service delivery personnel; increase the quality of wheelchair service delivery for people who need a comparatively higher level of intervention than basic level; include this training package in regular paramedical/rehabilitation training programmes; achieve greater integration of wheelchair service delivery within rehabilitation services.