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This course provides information on what facilities should be doing to be prepared to respond to a case of an emerging respiratory virus such as the novel coronavirus, how to identify a case once it occurs, and how to properly implement IPC measures to ensure there is no further transmission to HCW or to other patients and others in the healthcare facility. This course has been updated in January 2022 and highlights the latest WHO guidance to date. Please note that our guidance is continuously being updated and the other language versions of the course will gradually be updated too. This training is intended for healthcare workers and public health professionals, as it is focused on infection prevention and control. This course is also available in the following languages: русский - 日本語 - français - Bahasa Indonesia - Español - Português - Italiano - српски језик - 中文 - македонски јазик - Türkçe - język polski - Tiếng Việt - العربية - Nederlands - Tetun - বাংলা - فارسي - Soomaaliga

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