APS FORTE no SUS: no combate à pandemia

Padilla, M.; R.M. de Oliveira Costa et al. Organização Pan-Americana da Saúde e Ministério da Saúde (2021) C_WHO
Challenged by the health emergency, Primary Health Care (PHC) professionals remodeled their work processes and realized that many of the innovations implemented in an emergency manner to respond to the pandemic of COVID are here to stay. The initiative APS Forte no SUS - no combate à pandemia de COVID-19 gathered experiences from all over the country, executed by engaged health workers who, despite the difficulties imposed by the new disease, fight daily to improve the offer and care in health in the Unified Health System (SUS). With the help of digital technologies, teams and professionals of the Family Health Strategy overcome daily one of the main challenges of APS in this pandemic: ensuring access to health services. Digital tools gain strength in the agenda for strengthening the SUS, so well represented in this initiative.