A good start: advances in early childhood development - Parenting in times of war: supporting caregivers and children in crisis

Katie Murphy, Sandra Maignant, Laura Boone, Sarah Smith Bernard van Leer Foundation (2015) C2
Early Childhood Matters is a journal about early childhood. It looks at specific issues regarding the development of young children, in particular from a psychosocial perspective. It is published twice per year by the Bernard van Leer Foundation. On Page 54 of this issue the article titled: "Parenting in times of war: supporting caregivers and children in crisis" can be found. In this article: Humanitarian interventions to support and guide parents and caregivers in times of war can mitigate the negative effects of violence and chaos on children and promote their resilience and development. This article highlights recent findings from the International Rescue Committee’s parenting programmes in Syria, underscoring the importance of such programmes not only in strengthening caregiving practices but also in addressing the psychological needs of parents.